Welcome to Swindon for Europe

We are a cross party, grass roots campaign group whose aim is to stop Brexit.

We don’t promote or endorse any one political party.  We’re just a group of concerned citizens, like you.  We at Swindon for Europe are concerned that our democracy has been hijacked to serve the interests of a privileged few.  We’re concerned about the tone of the debate and rhetoric that started the referendum.  We want to stop Brexit.

We are passionate Europeans.  We believe that as a European nation, the UK should be at the heart of Europe.  We must continue to work together with our European neighbours to secure peace and security in Europe and tackle borderless issues such as the environment.  We benefit greatly from the exchange of trade, skills, knowledge and investment within the EU.

Swindon for Europe believs that our children’s futures would be better served by remaining part of the EU.  Our EU Citizenship and our vast EU citizens’ rights cannot be just stripped away from us.  Given that Article 50 has been triggered, an outline of the negotiations and the resulting deal must be made public.  This deal should be subject to a free vote by MPs in Parliament or a second referendum.

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