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We need to petition our MPs at every turn of the Parliamentary debates on Brexit, and more besides!  They may not admit to persuasion, but the more they receive our messages, the more they will realise that there is public opinion in favour of remaining in the EU.  One of our MPs said that brexit is not an issue in Swindon – he says there is far more concern about the environment and animal welfare.  Well these guys will not think differently unless they hear often from the many of us, not the few!  So do write persistently, courteously and firmly, including your name & address (to establish that you are in their constituency).

North Swindon (Con):

South Swindon (Con):

Chippenham (Con):

Cotswolds (Con):

Devizes (Con):

Didcot & Wantage (Con): Email:

Oxford West & Abingdon (LDem):

Newbury (Con):

North Wiltshire (Con):

Salisbury (Con):

Stroud (Lab):

South-West Wiltshire (Con):


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