People’s Vote is an initiative of nine pro-EU groups that have pooled their resources to promote a second referendum for all people; Remainers, Leavers and everyone in between to reach the people’s decision on the final Brexit deal.  This would include the option to remain in the EU.

The launch of the People’s Vote took place through numerous events throughout the country over the weekend of 14/15 April 2018 (including a street campaign by Swindon for Europe).  A lot of persuading needs to be done before we can expect Parliament and the Government to agree to such a vote and it needs to be enacted this year.  So the partners are actively arranging a programme of rallies and activities over the coming months.  So we encourage you to get involved by signing up via the link below.

Sign up to demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal

Whatever your opinion on Brexit, no one would disagree that it’s a big deal. And not a done deal.

Sign up to support the campaign to ensure that we, the people who will be affected by the Government’s Brexit negotiations for generations, have a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

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The Partners working together to achieve the People’s Vote are:

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