Newsletter 4: 26 Oct 2017

Firstly, hello and welcome to all the new members…We are in process of affiliating with the European Movement, who have members in the area, so we may well gain more members from this. They are also planning to build us a website with fundraising software in the next couple of months. We are hopeful this partnership will take us to the next level.

It’s been a busy couple of months nationally for the Remain campaign, with a series of rallies and protest marches at each of the political party conferences and the ‘twelve regional rallies’, a day of protests all over the country in twelve cities.  Swindon for Europe has been involved in every single one of these events.  Nine of our members went to the big London event where up to 50,000 Remain protesters marched to Parliament on 9th Sept.  This was reported and pictured in the Swindon advertiser.

Four of us marched in Manchester along with 20,000 others at the Conservative Party Conference, and four of us supported the Bristol regional rally.  (We are pleased to say that Bristol for Europe then donated £75- to our Community bank account in return for our support for their event, because they decided that all profits from stalls should be divided between the attending groups!)…Two members attended the rally at the Labour conference in Brighton and one attended the rally at the Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth.  Apart from that, three of our members have been regularly joining the ‘Vigils’, constant protests outside Parliament and opposite Downing Street. We contributed our music, dance and drumming skills, as well as our voices!

Back home, two of us have leafletted at the station several times and had a surprisingly positive reception, considering that Swindon strongly voted to leave. One time a lady stopped and helped us for 20 minutes and another spontaneously donated £5 to our leaflet funds! We also toured the Polish shops and refugee centres with leaflets, and a couple of places asked for posters. However, we really could use more HELP, more hands to give out leaflets, put up stickers etc… ALL HELP WELCOME. PLEASE GET IN CONTACT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP!

We’ve been networking with other voluntary and community groups, and that has brought us new members and a couple radio interviews with Swindon 105.5.

Our Sunday afternoon fundraiser/social ‘EU Garage Sale Plus’ on 15/Oct was quite well attended including visitors from Bath for Europe and Bristol for Europe.  The afternoon raised £72, from sales of bric a brac, coffee, cakes and betting on the clockwork trains! Subsequent sales raised a further £26.

The next, a date for the diary is:  9th NOVEMBER, 7.30pm BRAINSTORMING PART 2, facilitated by ADAM POOLE (Marketing Lecturer). Venue is: 8 Woodland View, Wroughton, SN49AB.  All are welcome.  Just let us know if you’re coming.

Other big news:  One of our members Liz Webster, Lib Dem candidate, has become the ‘face’ (i.e. lead complainant), of the new Legal Challenge to the government over the legality of Brexit.  The case centres on the opinion that the government has only voted to state its ‘intention’ to leave the EU, not to actually leave it, which would need an act of parliament. The case is backed by Professor Grayling and Gina Miller. This is a very courageous of Liz, as fronting two previous similarly high profile court cases have brought Gina Miller endless death threats and horrendous racist abuse, leading to the conviction and imprisonment of at least two abusers, one of which is an English Lord, who offered £5,000 to anyone who would run Gina over. So hats off and good luck to Liz for volunteering to do this. The case has crowd funded £40,000 towards legal fees in its first ten days!  If you would like to donate to this click the link here: