Newsletter 2: 19 Jul 2017

First of all hello and welcome to all new members who have joined us since Newsletter 2.

A big thank you to all who came to our fundraising Euro-Party last Saturday, 15th July.  We had a fun time raising £35 for the group, enough to start our community bank account with!  Thanks to Talis (Wroughton’s Green Party candidate), for busking her own rousing Anti- Brexit songs for us, and to Marisa and Lilly for organising the Tombola.  The betting game with the old clockwork train set proved very popular with everyone’s ‘inner child’, as after all, what boy or girl hasn’t wanted a train set at some time or other?!

See film attachment of the party:

Local author Katherine T Owen could not attend, but has contributed her own Anti-Brexit poem, reproduced here:

“The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.” (Art Spander)


Let us say the word loudly,


Let us raise it to the status of a god,

Without asking ‘What is democracy?’

Without examining

the democracy in one system

compared with another.


The word alone is reason enough

to vote.

So let us give a vote

of no confidence in our

democratically elected leaders.

Let us allow our country to be led

by an unelected prime minister,

Our citizenship overthrown

by 52 percent of those who voted

and a far lesser percent of the population.

Let us leave a single political party,

not voted for by the majority,

to decide our trade deals

and our relationship with those

we fought hard

to count as friends.


In a country with a queen

and a house of unelected Lords.


Let us tick the box

which shouts it the loudest.

Going forward, Fareed and Steve are planning to represent Swindon for Europe at SWINDON AND WILTSHIRE PRIDE next Saturday at the Town gardens. (IF ANYONE WISHES TO JOIN US IN THIS, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!). In preparation for this we have designed our first leaflet, which a few of us have offered to print at home, until we have funds to pay for printing. (IF ANY OTHER MEMBERS CAN OFFER TO PRINT A FEW LEAFLETS FOR US, PLEASE LET US KNOW).

Local university lecturer and Swindon for Europe member Adam Pool has offered to facilitate a brainstorming/structuring session to help us programme the coming years activities.  We welcome your ideas, so IF ANY MEMBERS WISH TO JOIN US IN THIS, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. Date for this is Monday  7th   August, 7.30pm – 9pm at 8 Woodland View SN4 9AB.

If you have any skills or resources you think you can offer, please come forward. If you know anyone who’d like to join us but doesn’t do FB, they can email us here on: swindonforeurope@gmail.com.


Steve, Marisa, Fareed