Action for Expat Votes – Appeal for Support

Millions of UK Citizens who have lived abroad for over 15 years were denied a vote on their future in the EU referendum. This is illegal under EU law.  Equal treatment among European citizens is a fundamental principle laid down in the European Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Voting rights for all UK citizens regardless of time lived abroad were promised by David Cameron in 2015, and again by the May Government in October 2016, with the promise that they would be given prior to the next General Election. These promises remain unfulfilled. 

We are ACTION FOR EXPAT VOTES and we supported the first legal challenge in the EU Court in July 2017 on behalf of eleven representative appellants including unstoppable 96 year old WW2 war veteran Harry Shindler.

We have passed that first stage and the case will now be heard before the Court of the European Union in Luxembourg on 5th July 2018, by a panel of no less than 5 judges which reflects the importance of the case as perceived in the legal corridors in Luxembourg. This is momentous.

This challenge may confirm that the EU referendum result was not a constitutional decision, that since ‘no decision means no notification ‘ Theresa May’s Article 50 Notice is invalid, that the ‘Brexit’ process must be stopped, and another vote must be held which must include the estimated 2 million deprived Britons.

The case is led by French lawyer Julien Fouchet in Bordeaux. The first filing in 2017 on behalf of 11 representative citizens was covered by fundraising of £10,000.  This is an appeal for further funds for this crucial stage. We have passed our first target of £5,000 and have now launched a stretch target of £45,000 to cover the full case costs. Time is limited; we need to raise the funds within 30 days.  Please help us do that.

The project is supported by a group of academics, legal experts and professionals based in the UK and Europe. All funds are paid by crowdjustice directly to the legal team and full accounts will be published. Any funds unused by the legal team will be given to an approved cause.


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