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Newsflash – See our video slideshow of the People’s Vote March (23 June) here.

Article 50 Challenge

Swindon for Europe member Liz Webster, claimant in the Article 50 Challenge case (Webster vs Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union) seeking a Judicial Review, has expressed her disappointment that the case was dismissed on 12th June by the Judge on the grounds that it was out of time.

Liz writes ‘It is now clear the chain of events are as follows: in 2015 Parliament voted for an advisory referendum which meant they reserved the decision making for Parliament not the people.  The Miller case clarified that Parliament had to decide and the bill presented to Parliament in early 2017 merely asked parliament to give power to the PM to notify a decision which still hadn’t been made. (She always had that power anyway as it is automatic following the making of a decision).  The judge has now clarified, because the Government couldn’t identify a decision, that the PM made the decision when she sent the letter to the EU – in which she cited the decision of the people in the referendum.

‘Article 50(1) was achieved at the same time as Article 50(2), but Parliament has not done its job. The judge also ruled rights are created in Article 50(1), which means, whether it likes it or not, Parliament has to decide if it wants to leave, because of the loss of rights associated with leaving the EU.

‘So now we know the notification is n

ot in line with our constitutional requirements.’

Liz wishes to thank all those who have supported this vital case.  Having consulted with her legal and support teams it has been decided to appeal the ruling in the Court of Appeal.  See Liz’ report here.

Action for Expat Votes

British Citizens who have lived abroad for over 15 years were denied a vote in the 2016 Referendum and may lose rights if Brexit goes ahead.  A group of professionals, academics and other UK Citizens are bringing a legal challenge to be heard on 5th July 2018 at the Court of the European Union in the 2016 Referendum.  It could be one of the most important Brexit legal challenges to date.  See Action for Expat Votes


The People’s Vote – A programme of action throughout 2018

The People’s Vote is a nationwide initiative calling for a second referendum, once the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU have been finalised, so that we then know what we are voting for.  People’s Vote



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