Uncertainties in Leaving the EU

We don’t know which of these areas will be affected for certain, but any or all could be at risk:

* Good Friday agreement in danger;

* Reintroduction of roaming charges;

* Geoblocking – we wont get it!

* More expensive food, due to weak £ and import costs;

* Increased cost of fuels, gas, electricity & petrol, plus possible supply issues;

* Less money for services: for example NHS, local councils, schools etc;

* Leaving Euratom;

* Loss of Euroclear;

* Brain drain of EU staff from Universities and British workers seeking better opportunities elsewhere;

* Loss of EU personnel in NHS, leaving some areas critically understaffed;

* Loss of EU staff from hospitality industry, hotels & restaurants – all struggling to recruit;

* Food rotting in fields due to lack of migrant workers;

* Stagnating economy, with prolonged recession looming;

* Fisheries losing their biggest market (EU), which may cause the collapse of the industry in some areas, (Grimsby being one), due to being uncompetitive if there is no free trade agreement.  Loss of EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund);

* Reduced opportunities for our school and uni leavers;

* Removal of farming subsidies;

* Loss of regeneration cash to ex heavy industry or poor communities ( for example: North East, Wales, Cornwall);

* Gibraltar – thats got to pop over the parapet soon!

* Food shortages: 1/3 of U.K. food is imported;

* Loss of access to the Erasmus scheme;

* Loss of membership of the Open Skies agreement:

* Relaxation of workers rights regarding hours, pregnancy, minimum wage, and so on.  Making it easier to fire people;

* Loss of trading opportunity (has anyone actually checked out the WTO rules)!

* Becoming little Britain – we are a service nation, not a manufacturing one.  Shipping, steel and mining are never coming back;

* Potential break up of Great Britain, starting with Scotland!

* EHIC card and the right to reciprocal healthcare in the union;

* Relaxation of health and safety rules following exit to the detriment of workers and the general public;

* Exit from the ECtHR (European Courts of Human Rights);

* Exit from CFREU Charter of Fundamental Rights of European Union) & ECFR (European Charter of Fundamental Rights) which protects our rights to equality, non discrimination and human rights under EU law.  This also covers the Amber Alert EU (Missing Child Alert);

* European Medical Agency moved to Amsterdam (underway already);

* European Banking Authority (move to Paris, underway already);

* Loss of funding for cancer research and other critical medical research projects: Joint Research Centre;

* Loss of reciprocal cross border research into illnesses, and treatment;

* Loss of research grants across all areas, resulting in further brain drain;

* Loss of access for critical cancer drugs;

* Lack of clarity as to rights of EU nationals domiciled in the UK;

* 2.2 million UK expats living in the EU (either full or part time) may lose rights to UK pensions & reciprocal healthcare, resulting in them having to return to the UK – adding additional strain on the NHS and council services;

* UK border controls revert to Dover from Calais;

* Leaving the ECJ which poses significant risks to our security;

* Loss of freedom of movement within the EU & possible reintroduction of costly visas;

* Impact on Sports, Art & Culture, due to freedom of movement restraints, costs of importing / exporting equipment and livestock, loss of the CEMCP.

* UK driving licence no longer valid in EU & loss of green card insurance scheme and loss of Euro NCAP support;

* Leaving the Single Market;

* Leaving the Customs Union;

* Leaving Joint Action on Climate Change;

* Animal welfare and sentience laws: Natura 2000 programme;

* Wildlife Safeguards & Habitat Protection;

* Harmonisation in industrial standards & CE standards;

* Food safety and consumer protection (chlorinated chicken anyone?) – Leaving EFSA (European Food Safety Authority);

* Risk of NHS being sold off in a US trade deal;

* Exit from Horizon 2020 science programme;

* Compensation for lost luggage and cancelled flights;

* Loss of European Maritime safety agency along with the Ports of Refuge for ships in distress, plus exclusion from the EU Ship Recycling Regulation;

* 700+ trade deals to be negotiated in case of no deal with individual trade deals taking on average between 7-20 years to thrash out.  We don’t have enough competent trade specialists to handle even 5 of them at a time.  The Swiss / EU deal still hasn’t been ratified and they started that in 1972!!


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