8 things you can do today to fight for a People’s Vote

Courtesy of InFacts, a founding member of the People’s Vote campaign.

Brexit is not a done deal.

Swindon for Europe has joined the campaign for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.  But we’ll only win if everybody does their bit.  Here are eight things you can do today.

Support the People’s Vote campaign

Sign up here to volunteer or stay in touch.  You can donate there too.  Without money and supporters, our campaign won’t get off the ground.

Info is your ammo

If you’re going into battle, you need ammo. In this battle, you may need to persuade family, friends, colleagues and others why we need a People’s Vote.  Here’s a column setting out the case for such a vote.  There’s also lots of arguments in the Blogs & Ditch Brexit sections of this website.  Bone up on the arguments and you’ll be well prepared for the battles ahead.

Listen, don’t lecture

Nobody likes being lectured.  If your friends and family don’t want a People’s Vote, ask them why.  Listen to their arguments.  Then explain how you feel.  You’ll win more people over that way.

Look to the future, not the past

Most people don’t want a re-run of the referendum.  And those who voted Leave two years ago certainly don’t like being told they were lied to.  That sounds like you’re saying they were stupid.

The People’s Vote is not a re-run because there are a whole load of new facts that the public didn’t know then.  Here are 11 of them.  And once we know the biggest new fact – the Brexit deal – we have a right to decide whether it’s good enough.

Contact your MP

Tell your MP you want a People’s Vote. It’s easy to email them.  Even better, go and see them in person at their “surgery” on a weekend.  Most MPs’ websites have details of their upcoming surgeries.

Justin Tomlinson, North Swindon:  justin.tomlinson.mp@parliament.uk

Robert Buckland QC MP, South Swindon:  robert.buckland.mp@parliament.uk

See here for contact details of MPs for the wider area.

Local elections matter

If there are local elections in your area, ask your candidates whether they back a People’s Vote – and refuse to vote for any who don’t.  Tell your friends and neighbours too.  Neither the Tories nor Labour back a People’s Vote.  But many individual candidates do.  Mobilising voters to get more candidates to back a People’s Vote could help shift the parties to support this idea.  And if they don’t, Lib Dems, Greens and other candidates will get more votes – and that would send a message too.