Newsletter 5: 27 Feb 2018

First of all a warm welcome to all the new members, and a Happy New Year to all!

2018 is the year we have to defeat Brexit, according to all sources, and that must begin with changing public opinion.  According to polls, opinion on Brexit itself has begun to shift, but only slightly, and mostly among the ‘Don’t Know’ and ‘Didn’t Votes’, whilst 9 out of 10 of those who voted have not changed.  In fact many are even more polarised.  However, support for staying in the Single Market has significantly increased, so has pessimism about Brexit, and there is an increasing public feeling the government are handling it badly.  So, there is everything to play for this year, but MPs and Ministers of Lords tell us they must SEE the change in public opinion before they can act.  So we must up our game!

Swindon for Europe has become an affiliate branch of the European Movement, and so took part in their ‘National Day of Action’ on 9th of December, handing out our own leaflets plus doing EM’s surveys and handing out their specialised leaflets.  Assistance came from Bath and Gloucester because certain members of Swindon for Europe have continually travelled to support their events, so they want to help us by returning the favour…

The European Movement’s special leaflets asked people to write to their MPs asking them to vote for Amendment 7 of the Great Repeal Bill in Parliament (which seeks to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal).  We were joined in our campaigning by 6 guests each from Bath for Europe and Glostays.  We were also represented in the following 10 hour protest outside Parliament (in the rain and snow!).  The Amendment was voted through on 13/Dec, after the much reviled Tory ‘Brexit Mutineers’ rebelled against their party and May’s government!  So, Swindon for Europe has played it’s part in the first ever successful parliamentary action against hard Brexit!

Members of the group have begun building our own website: www.swindonforeurope.co.uk.  It is up and running in basic form and is a work in progress.  We will be inviting contributions to the pages in due course, once its in a more advanced shape.

We also have a Swindon for Europe public page now as well as the Facebook Group.  Please ‘like’ the page if you’re a Facebook user.

Our next SOCIAL/ MEET UP will be from 7 till 9pm on 15th March at the Great Western Hotel, opposite the station.  It is roomy, relatively quiet at that time with plenty of nearby parking.  Come and meet other Remainers and we can discuss things informally over a drink.

We are planning to hold a QUIZ NIGHT as a fundraising event, place and time TBC.

The Southwest REGIONAL MARCH in EXETER is on 24th March. The next big LONDON MARCH is planned for 23rd June.  We hope to see you there on either, or both!

LEAFLETTING for Swindon for Europe has continued quite regularly in the Town Centre and at the station, and is a very rewarding way to campaign.  However it is very small numbers who do this, so PLEASE, MORE HELP REQUIRED on this, please!