I honestly think we have never had true democracy – how can we, when party agendas get in the way of actually serving the people and doing what’s right for the country as a whole, and when many people in positions of power and responsibility don’t know the difference between their own opinions and facts (and our education system doesn’t teach us how to do so)?

In a true democracy, there must be accessible ways for all voices to be heard and represented in any discussion, and all too often that has not been the case for many people, even when our political system appeared to be working more effectively than is apparent now.

I think that both the fact that the internet has given so many people a voice they didn’t have before, and the fact that many people in positions of power don’t truly understand the responsibilities that come with those roles, have brought us to an unprecedented place of being able to see the long-term problems clearly for what they are, and being able to appropriately address them.

And that is what needs to happen now.  Not just for the UK but for the world as a whole.  In the end, what this all comes down to is that we humans need to recognise that countries, whilst important as things are currently set up, are not the be all and end all, and how different countries conduct themselves in the world has effects far beyond their borders.  So we need to start being and acting consciously aware of that, and ensuring that we are truly acting in the interests of all.

I think the real fear that people currently in power have is of a Global Democracy that accepts and upholds the equality and equity of all people and acts responsibly in regard to the planet on which we live, because that would fundamentally destroy the entire infrastructure of profits and wage slaves, the manipulations behind the scenes, and the blatant and not-so-blatant efforts to impose agendas of control and oppression.

In a global democracy, all people would have freedom of movement as a basic right – along with the basic responsibility to respect whichever part of the world they might move to and through, along with the people living there. We aren’t there yet, but in actuality, that could happen much more easily and effortlessly than all the shenanigans around Brexit, and we would all be *so* much better off for it.  It is simply a matter of where our collective attention is placed, and the will to enact what is of benefit to all.  I for one hope – and fully intend as a citizen of the world – that Brexit goes down in history as a major learning curve for humanity that does not need to be repeated – ever – for that lesson to be learned.

We can’t afford to throw away the good that came out of the second world war, any more than we can ignore the real life world problems any longer. Apart from anything else, Brexit is a huge insult to all those who lost their lives and all who have worked ever since to ensure the stability and prosperity of Europe so the world does not have to go through anything as bad as the world wars again. We need to be building upon that, by openly discussing the problems that exist within the EU and how to resolve them, not turn our backs on something that, no matter what the problems, has brought a lot of good to many people, and has huge potential to do even better.  Why break something instead of making it better?  We need to be and demand and expect better than that.


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