I am still struggling even to take in that Brexit is going ahead, because it’s so obvious it shouldn’t be – simply in terms of the fact that it was an advisory referendum alone, only added to by the fact that this advisory referendum was not accompanied by accessible facts, so that people actually had the opportunity to understand clearly what they were voting for.  Advisory, by implication, means that honest, fact-based discussion of all the issues and of the result is needed – both before and after the referendum itself. 

The campaign of misinformation prior to the referendum, and then David Cameron stepping down as PM the very next day, without any discussion at all, let alone of the results of the *advisory* referendum, was profoundly and blatantly irresponsible to say the least.  Everything that’s happened since only goes to show what people in high places are capable of, when they have zero understanding that their roles require the psychological and emotional maturity to be able to put the best interests of the people and our country, and indeed the world as a whole – ahead of their own personal interests.  In context of this and the fact that we literally have no plan for Brexit (let alone the best plan possible), because it was never discussed, it beggars belief that Brexit even can be happening, let alone that it is.

As a mother and grandmother, i am devastated by what is being done to our country and the EU at a time when more than anything, we should be very much focused on the increasingly pressing issues of climate change and environmentally-friendly living, with the best interests of our descendants very much in mind.

I can’t begin to wrap my mind around the fact that so many people do not see this, and are still bent on making Brexit happen, no matter what the cost.  And how are we then to cope with the increasing effects of humanity’s failure to care for the environment and take meaningful actions in regard to climate changes that are known to be happening much faster than predicted.  For years after Brexit it is already predicted things will be much worse than people realised (and that’s not even counting those waiting in the wings ready to take advantage of that)?  I mean, even when i was at primary school, almost 50 years ago, humanity knew that fossil fuels are a finite resource, and also that they cause pollution.

It’s not like we’ve had no warning – and now, having let things get as bad as they have without bothering to develop a long-term plan to prevent environmental devastation, we have Brexit to act as a distraction from what is truly important and truly needs and demands our intelligent attention.  I do not know the legal background and context in which Brexit is happening, so it’s a huge deal to me that i can read clear concise information about the Article 50 Challenge taking place.  i am deeply grateful to those working so hard to explain the case.  Here’s to common sense prevailing and Brexit being stopped in its tracks.  And here’s to the lesson being learned from all of this, that we need leaders who have the integrity to understand the true nature of their leadership roles in a democracy.

But how is it even possible that our country is represented by so-called politicians that would frankly be less out of place in a vaudeville sideshow?


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