Theresa May suffers third Brexit defeat in Lords


There is a lot of “waiting to see what happens” going on at the moment.  Many organisations have set up offices abroad to handle their European business if things are not so conducive after Brexit actually happens.  Some companies are committed to the UK and have agreed to build new cars in UK factories, if only because the UK is a sizeable market in its own right.  Whether they will be able to import and export at a rate that permits ongoing trade is in the balance.

Brexiters suggest that everything is going swimmingly and that new trade deals will be easy.  They may indeed be achievable, but not overnight and certainly not on the favourable terms the EU negotiated.  There is a lot of delusion.  I’m negotiating to buy a property right now and several agents have told me that prices have fallen because no one knows what the hell is going to happen.  Brexit has put the UK in an unprecedented position that is as precarious as it was unnecessary.

There have been marches, some people are very scared and angry and there are a lot of people holding their breath to see what really transpires.  I personally feel quite ashamed by the whole enterprise and feel that the Windrush scandal for instance reveals a truly shabby side of us as a nation and in particular the Conservative Party.  If I were to single out one person for particular vilification it would be the abysmal Mrs May.


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