Brexit: Former international trade department chief dismisses Fox’s case for leaving customs union – Politics live

The benefits of the EU are far more than trade, but lets just deal with this one aspect. 

So what do you say about the FACT that we trade all around the world right now, while we are members of the EU?  It appears that Brexiters do not realise that we currently trade with China, India, Australia, NZ, the USA, etc, et,c etc right now and yet we are members of the EU.  So your reason to leave the EU is misguided.

Indeed only the other day the news came out that EU trade with China grew last year by 22%.

Furthermore, we trade with these countries on good terms as members of the largest and richest market in the world.  We are not rule takers as we will be once we leave the EU.

Also the funny thing is that leaving the EU will mean that we lose many advantages of EU trade deals around the world and this will actually reduce the ability to trade frictionlessly until those agreements are replaced, which may take years.


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