It’s looking more and more likely that the Maybot is heading for BINO (Brexit In Name Only) as the only way of leaving the EU without committing economic suicide.  The reason she doesn’t make that goal public is because Lord Snooty (Jacob Rees-Mogg) and his chums will go apoplectic with rage.  It is quite likely that they would attempt to bring down the Government rather than accept the inevitable.

If that’s the case then the UK’s economy will not be wrecked.  Yes, everybody will still be worse off, but nowhere near as bad as it would be with a hard Brexit.  After BINO it’s likely that the UK will stay united.

But the electorate may well start asking the question – “If we’re in the same situation as we were when we were members of the EU, but have less say in how it (and, therefore, we) are run, wouldn’t it make sense for us to be back in?”


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