The referendum question was so poorly worded that neither the Leave nor Remain campaigns had much of a clue what they were campaigning for.

Almost no-one knew what the consequences of a Leave vote would be.  Few understood how the EU worked, what the ECJ did or what the Single Market or Custom Union was.  They didn’t know about the consequences for the Irish border or Gibraltar.  That includes both Leavers and Remainers.

I had some idea of the legal repercussions, because I listened to some of the blog posts of Prof. Michael Dougan.

Now, on average, Remain supporters were better educated, travelled and younger than Leave supporters, but that doesn’t make all Leave supporters old and thick.  However, I have talked to Brexiters who didn’t know the difference between EU and Non-EU immigration, but just thought they were voting to stop immigration.  The single most influential reason to vote for Leave was xenophobia.  Brexit is strongly linked to xenophobia, according to scientists.

Even now, when we know a little more about the consequences of Brexit, many Brexiters point blank refuse to believe any form of evidence, which challenges their beliefs and prejudices.  Because they voted on feelings, on beliefs rather than on evidence, nothing is going to move them until they fall off the economic cliff edge they are denying the existence of.

We were all hopelessly unprepared for a major constitutional decision. I find the arguments of Leavers who said they knew all this before the referendum utterly dishonest and despicable.

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3 April


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