David Davis: Deal with EU ‘incredibly probable’

What then?  Well it will show that Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis and the others lied.


  • “we hold all the cards”
  • “They need us more than we need them”
  • “It will be an easy negotiation”
  • “There are no downsides, only upsides”

Will all have been exposed as lies.

The question is whether Leave voters will realise that they were lied to?

And the signs are that, no, they won’t!

They’ll blame other people for what is completely their responsibility.

And (to answer the question) JRM is positioning himself to capitalise on that “stab in the back” narrative.

He will blame the EU for being bullies; he will blame Remainers for treason & disloyalty and undermining the team.

And he will position himself as the man who can indeed deliver cake whilst eating it, have magic ponies and unicorns and impossible deals – if only we cross our fingers and believe really, really hard …


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