‘The irony is unreal’: Why EU rules mean Britain’s blue Brexit passports will be made in France!


The reason for Brexit is that slightly over half those who voted wanted to leave the European Union.

Many were the messages of the Leave campaign that alarmed those voters: immigration, regulations, trade and domestic sovereignty were key concerns manipulated through lies and misinformation.  It is also possible that people voted to leave for other reasons such as inequalities, a decline in industrial jobs, a dependence on a huge financial sector, cuts to public services and burdensome austerity – none of which were the responsibility of the EU, but rather successive British governments.

There is also evidence to suggest a disconnect between voters and politicians.  The referendum vote was a chance for voters to demand that politicians listen to them.  Interestingly there also seems to be a correlation between voters in England, their sense of being English rather than British or European and their likelihood of voting to leave.

For while the Brexit vote covered many topics, it’s notable for what it neglected to cover including Euratom, the future of British aviation, customs infrastructure at Dover, protected food status, the Article 50 process, a transition period and inner Irish border.

The referendum asked voters to support or reject an event: departure from the EU.  But Brexit itself is a process, a process which will continue after the referendum mandate has been discharged.  One of the ironies of Brexit is that the problems start just when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 – the very moment that the government has completed the honouring of the referendum result.


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