Absolutely not – neutral observers are horrified how totally incompetent the UK government has been.  Their illusions on the past diplomatic competency of the UK has been shattered.

The EU has been absolutely clear and straightforward from the start what the issues were for the remaining Member States.  They have openly published position papers on every issue.

The UK government, however, has been duplicitous within the Conservative Party, which is totally split, and with the UK public, which is totally split.  They have not prepared any strategy.  They have lied about what the Yes/No vote implied.  They have illegally tried to stop Parliament voting and lied and stalled about reports which clearly indicate the damage Brexit will do throughout the UK.

They have irresponsibly been prepared to sacrifice N Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement.  They have thrown Gibraltar to the wolves.  They have given no clear guidance to UK Civil Servants conducting the negotiations (40% of whom have left) and they keep making proposals they know cannot be accepted in order to delay matters.

The UK has caved in on every issue it said it would not, because it cannot come up with acceptable alternatives.  The UK is leaving the EU in 11 months and has not sorted out any of the key issues.  These cannot be resolved by the October 2018 deadline for approval voting.  The UK has not sorted out and established any new post EU systems it will need.  So the UK is leaving in a total mess, with none of the Brexit voter promises realised.

The UK government is a bit like the losing football manager who blames 3 or 4 “sloppy goals” or the referee who was biased against them.  Ministers cannot accept their total incompetence, so blame others.


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