The consequences of Brexit are likely to be a disaster for the UK. The whole concept of leaving the EU is flawed and I cannot believe that our Government and MPs who are supposed to be representing the people and looking after their interests are really going to let this happen. What is in their heads – how can anyone seriously think that we will be better off outside of the EU?

Look what the recent draft resolution (completely at odds with what May is demanding) drawn up by the European Parliament says ( as reported in the Guardian):-

“A third country [cannot] have the same benefits as a member state of the European Union, or an EFTA/EEA member.”

— A “deep and comprehensive” trade deal must entail “a binding interpretation role” for the European Court of Justice and “does not allow cherry-picking of sectors of the internal market.”

— One priority is that a “level playing field is ensured and EU standards are safeguarded and a race to the bottom avoided,” and that maintaining a level playing field means abiding by the EU’s competition and state aid rules.

“Limitations in the cross-border provisions of financial services are a customary feature of [free trade agreements].”

“Taxation matters should be integrated in any further agreement between UK and the EU to ensure a maximum level of cooperation between the EU and the UK and its dependent territories in the field of corporate taxation.”

How on earth does Theresa May think she is going to be able to negotiate a good deal for the UK?

Many businesses in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors are now becoming very worried and thinking about their option to leave the UK. Many of our major business sectors could be seriously damaged.

The hard line brexiters have a great deal to answer for and will be responsible for ruining the economy if Brexit goes ahead.

How can we get off this slippery slope?


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