Answer 1

Certainly not – as a British resident of France for more than 15 years I was not allowed to vote in the Referendum even though the outcome has a direct effect on my future.  So from the outset I maintain that the vote was not entirely democratic.

Promises made by Leave campaigners, either through ignorance or bad faith, were later discovered to be false. We all know what those promises were – they have been reiterated a thousand times.

The negotiators are still unclear as to what they want – which is hardly surprising since the simplistic Referendum question did not reflect the complexity of the situation.  Consequently different people voted for different things.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to grasp the essentials of why Brexit will leave the UK entirely worse off.  It is a mathematical certainty.

Why would I support a decision that would leave the British people worse off, not just in their pockets but worse off through diminished influence and respect throughout the world.

Answer 2

Well, first of all, what’s the relevance of the process of leaving the EU being a ‘fact’?  You use that language because you want it to be immutable.  You want to convince yourself that it can’t be changed.  Well, it can be changed and it will be changed.

Brexit is the single biggest act of self harm the UK has ever undertaken.  There is not a single credible economic study that suggests the UK will benefit economically from Brexit.  If you yourself really believed that, would you just go along with it?  Or would you fight it?  Any self respecting citizen would fight against it.

Just in the same way the country has had to endure anti-european political activity for the last fifty years, ignoring the ‘will of the people’ from the referendum to go into the common market, pro-brexiteers will have to endure pro-european politics now.

There will be no falling into line, no ‘solidarity’.  Get real, this is a fight over real things, that’s the core of politics itself.


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