It’s Not a Done Deal!

Many in the nation who voted to remain in the EU, or who were denied a vote in the much discredited 2016 Referendum have given up hope – it seems that the Government is denying the 48% a voice and is insisting that 17m ‘leave’ votes are all that counts in stripping a further 50 million people of their EU Citizenship.  They try to tell us this is the ‘will of the people’ and seemingly ignore the almost universal belief that we shall all be significantly poorer for it!
So Swindon for Europe says the fight is far from lost, but that 2018 is the year in which we must defeat Brexit.  This must begin with changing public opinion.  According to polls, opinion on Brexit itself has begun to shift, and mostly among the ‘Don’t Knows’ and ‘Didn’t Votes’.  Support for staying in the Single Market and Customs Union has significantly increased, so has pessimism about Brexit.
And there is an increasing public feeling that the Government is handling the withdrawal from the European Union badly.  So, there is everything to play for.  However, Members of Parliament (both in the Commons and Lords) tell us they must see more change in public opinion, before they can act.  So we have to break this deadlock.
To do this, Swindon for Europe believes we all need to increase the number of conversations that we are having with people.  We are focusing our efforts on those who voted Remain and have given up hope, and those who voted Leave but who are realising that Brexit is not going to be a good thing for our country.  In fact, it would be catastrophic for the nation.
Swindon for Europe, in partnership with our sister campaigns throughout the UK, need to send Prime Minister Theresa May, the entire Government and all Members of Parliament a loud and clear message that we do not want Brexit!  And we, the people, need to have a vote on the final deal.
Check this site and our facebook and twitter groups for details of our events and come along.  Use the resources on this site to help fortify your discussions with people.  Now is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines.  Stand up with us and make history!
So please join us

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